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Kunming University of Science and Technology visited Yunnan Investment Group(YIG) for discussion and exchange


On February 28, Wang Hua, Vice Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Kunming University of Science and Technology, and his delegation visited YIG for a discussion and exchange. Qiu Lujun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board, Liu Minglin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, President and Vice Chairman of the Board, Wang Dong, Vice President of the Board, Li Qiongjie, Member of the Party Committee and Executive Vice Chairman of the Trade Union, participated in the meeting.

    Yunnan Investment Group expressed welcome to Wang Hua and his party and pointed out that, as an important provincial platform to undertake the province's policy projects, Yunnan Investment Group resolutely implements the provincial Party Committee and provincial government's decisions and deployments, actively plays the role of the provincial government's strategic tools. And through the implementation of the projects of "bolstering weak spots with education and health", "double upgrade", YIG has given full play to the backbone leading role in promoting industrial development. Kunming University of Sience and Technology, as a key university with a large scale of operation and a full range of disciplines in Yunnan, has trained a large number of high-level talents for Yunnan and the country, also made positive contributions to social development. We look forward to deepening university-enterprise cooperation, enhancing mutual benefit and win-win situation, and jointly promoting high-quality social and economic development in Yunnan.

    Wang Hua and his party introduced the school’s profile, the latest positioning deployments and recent development plan of Kunming University of Science and Technology after understanding in detail the development history, the current development status and the core industry layout of Yunnan Investment Group. He said that Kunming University of Science and Technology has technical advantages and talent advantages in big data, artificial intelligence, modern agriculture and forestry, modern medicine, health care industry and rural vitalization, etc. He hoped to carry out all-round cooperation with Yunnan Investment Group, fully combine the disciplinary advantages of Kunming University of Science and Technology with the investment advantages of Yunnan Investment Group, find the right fitting point, and promote the advantages of university research technology integrate into industry and serve the society. The two sides agreed on the signing of mutual strategic cooperation framework agreement in due course.

    The person in charge of relevant departments of Kunming University of Science and Technology, the assistant president of Yunnan Investment Group, Liu Xuesong, secretary of the party committee and chairman of the board of Yunnan Investment Medical, the main responsible person of relevant departments of the group headquarters and some holding companies attended the meeting.

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