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Minsheng Bank Visited YIG for Exchange and Discussion


On February 11, Li Jingxin, Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Minsheng Bank Kunming Branch, Du Dong, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of Minsheng Bank Kunming Branch, and his delegation visited YIG for exchange and discussion. Qiu Lujun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of YIG, and Zhang Yu, member of the Party Committee and Vice President of YIG, attended the meeting.

Qiu Lujun welcomed the visit of Minsheng Bank Kunming Branch and expressed his gratitude for Minsheng Banks long-term support to YIG. He introduced the 2021 business performance, annual financial data, asset scale and other related information of YIG, and introduced the 151 development strategy and the new development model of industry cultivation + financial investment + capital operation of YIG. He pointed out that YIG is determined to implement the decision and deployment of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government, and focuses on the mission positioning and the development vision entrusted by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government to promote the high-quality economic and social development of Yunnan. He hopes that Minsheng Bank would give more support to YIG in the areas of digital economy, cultural tourism, medical and health care, new precious metal materials and urban renewal.

Li Jingxin said that as a strategic client of Minsheng Bank at the head office level, the two sides have been maintaining a good cooperative relationship, Minsheng Bank is full of confidence and expectation in the future development of YIG, and will actively support the development of YIG, further strengthen the linkage of head office and branches, improve efficiency and service quality, deepen cooperation in comprehensive credit and debt issuance business, and contribute to the high-quality development of YIG.


The representative of Minsheng Bank Kunming Branchs Strategic Client Department, Investment Banking Department, Financial Interbanking Department, Asset Custody Department and South Huancheng Road Sub-branch, and the Fund-Raising Management Department and Financial Management Department of YIG participated the discussion.

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